Elderberry Chocolate

  I first got turned onto elderberries through Kat High, the director of the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center and Pascal Baudar with Urban Outdoor Skills. Elderberries come from elder shrubs and various species of… Continue reading

Memories I Don’t Have

The following work is based on childhood memories of which I have no recollection. As an adult, I’ve been made aware of these experiences by friends and family who knew me as a child.… Continue reading

Hunting and Gathering

In Hunting, the video below, I retell a childhood memory of hunting with my father. Over the course of the video, I attempt to retell the story three times.   In Gathering (below),… Continue reading

Words I Know

I sat down for a month and recorded words that I know for an hour each day. I tried not to repeat words, but other than that there was no other intentional filter.… Continue reading

Sound Exchange

I corresponded via email with Wolfgang Fasser, a non-sighted physiotherapist and music therapist who lives and works in Africa, Switzerland and Italy and he was generous to agree to exchange, what he calls sound… Continue reading

Living with Art

These works were part of a show, called “All the World’s Riches”. It was curated by Los Angeles based artist, Dai Toyofuku and hosted in my apartment. Here’s a couple shots from the opening:… Continue reading


I hosted a housewarming in my apartment and asked artists to install work in the apartment related to their experience of home and their concepts of a housewarming. The artists that installed work… Continue reading